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flower power

  Remember a few posts ago when I vowed to wear plenty of colors during the summer months? Well, here I am decked out in a multitude of brights and loving every minute of it :) These  pants are probably my favorite. They’re extremely comfortable and the flowered panelings provide just the right amount of…

princess neon

Mother Nature has been liable to unreasonable changes of mood. One minute she’s happy(sunny) the next she’s mad (thunder storms). This temperamental behavior has caused serious anguish in our household because our daughter can’t stand to be indoors. Her heart is always at the park. —– Sadly, over the weekend, some of Dame Nature’s instability…

puma style

People in my life should get awards for constantly keeping Neriah fresh! This little girl sure is spoiled! Her closet is outgrowing mine and the fun part is I had nothing to do with it (thank you family). I like this Puma suit for a number of reasons which I will now list: reason 1…