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random facts

exhibit A What a wonderful weekend it’s been here in the midwest. The Good Lord has been blessing us with phenomenal weather, I’m talking 60 plus degrees in November with sunshine; it really doesn’t get any better. Actually I lied, it does get better! Depending on where you’re located, you’ve benifited from an extra hour…

year in review

  some of my favorite moments… I contemplated writing my “year in review” post a number of different ways;  First I wanted to look back at all the incredible moments shared on MNH, then I wanted to recap favorite style posts but quickly realized I had already done that with this post, , and then I wanted to…


  Have you ever gone to your husband’s or boyfriend’s closet for inspiration? I’m notorious for wearing hubby’s wool sweaters or in this case turning his shirt into a dress. A few years ago, my mother brought back this shirt for my husband and it’s been sitting in his closet collecting dust. He wore it…