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up close and personal

15/52 macro I enjoy doing things for my little family, you know the simple things… running errands, grocery shopping and all that good stuff. But lately, ugh… lately the simplest of things, like going to Target, which I love doing have become tiresome. My husband has taken over a lot of the things I usually do during…

my love

#ourproject52 This week, we get to take a picture of our choice, and of course Neriah is my litte muse. I love capturing these innocent moments, she makes every fiber of my being happy! Is it always happy times in our home? Of course not, Riah can be a handful and I sometimes wonder how…


Neriah’s been learning how to speak Spanish at school, and she now refuses to speak English when it comes to discussing colors. Everywhere we go she yells: “los colores mommy” and starts naming every single color in sight; Amarillo mommy… Azul mommy… aranajando mommy! My father worries that she may get confused, if only he knew that we’ve also…