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Baby, it’s cold outside! LISTEN!!!!! I don’t know where you live, but if you’re anywhere near the east coast, the midwest, or worst; northern Canada, you know that Old Man winter will make an appearance sooner than later. Technically it’s still Fall, I don’t know how, being that my front yard has been blanketed with…

wool coat

wool coat

There was a time when I was younger ( much younger) where style trumped warmth, meaning I chose a cute coat that would barely keep me warm for the sake of style! I grew up in Canada; and if you’ve ever experienced Canadian winters, than you know that looking cute should be the least of…


there was a bee behind me LOL I have this thing with monochromatic looks, so much so I planned an entire outfit to match my garage door. I kid, although matching the garage door wasn’t planned it did give the overall look a nice finishing touch! Now let’s talk about the reason why you’re reading…