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At the Betts residence, Love is a daily celebration. Hubby and I make it a point to celebrate each other regularly and we’ve extended that to our daughters. We shower them with kindness, loads of hugs and kisses and of course not a day goes by where we don’t say I love you at least five…

brooklyn life

My younger brother, his girlfriend and my best friend are travelling fools. Between,  the three of them they’ve been around the world and back. They’ve swam in the beaches of Latin America, climbed the sandy mountains of Arabian deserts, and dined in European bistros. Let’s just say that they’ve adopted the ” been there done that approach” when it…


love the crib First things first! SN [ the secular music lover  in me always wants to break down into full on Biggie Smalls “one more chance” (radio edit) rap mode when I hear/say “first things first “. As a matter of fact any word reminds me of a song… I could be having a conversation with you and one…