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lush beauty

they’ve recently opened a Lush store in my area and I’ve never been happier! I’ve always been infatuated by their products, love the service at their stores annnnnnnd the fact that all of their products are natural! Up until recently I was using Aveeno and they’ve done my skin good, but it’s good to switch it…

the body shop

I consider my beauty and skin regimen to be quite systematic, I usually find a product I like and stick to it. When something works it works… What’s that saying? “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Those were my sentiments until I was introduced to The Body Shop’s Wild Argan Oil Collection. I’m no…

lip colors

(pictured above in NARS’ Tonkin with NARS’ lip gloss in Female Trouble) I haven’t always been one to wear lipstick. Over the years I preferred a moisturizing lip balm or a low shine gloss. I still choose the latter for my day to day but there’s something about lipstick that I enjoy; it’s become an accessory of…