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Before we dive into the topic at hand, I want to take time to give a shout out to this hair. This protective style has been my saving grace since removing my braids. I love my braids, but I also love the ability to get to my scalp when wash day comes around by simply…

Puerto Rico

Ever went on vacation and felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation? I have. As you probably know, I took a trip to Puerto Rico and I’ve been back home for about 2 weeks and still feel like I need a vacation to recoup from the vacation! This fatigue is partly due to…

Puerto Rico

iPhone 7 plus

I’ll be the first to say that , I am not a professional photographer nor am I well versed in the areas of specificity when it comes to angles, frames and all that good stuff pro shooters do. I understand that there are levels to that stuff and I’m not there… yet. I will say…