Thank you for visiting my space.

My name is Charlotte and I created my blog shortly after giving birth to my first child, as a means to share some of the things I love. I consider this space to be much like the proverbial land referenced in the Holy scriptures, hence the reason for the name. The Bible describes the land of milk and honey as one where goodness flows, and the same goes for this virtual land where all good things flow in the form of, lifestyle, faith. motherhood and food.


A little about me.

I am a product of God’s everlasting grace.

I was born in Africa, raised in Canada and call a little suburb outside of Chicago home. I’m blessed to be called mommy by two of the sweetest little girls, and I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for a little over ten years.

I dislike Canadian winters, my favorite color is green, I have a thing for tea, and simplicity makes my world go round.

I love to laugh, long romantic walks in Target,  Snapchat and taking naps.

Welcome to my spot.



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