polar vortex



Leave it to me to wait until the temperature hits sub-zero lows to decide to wear a skirt! I recently read that temperatures in my hometown of Ottawa were so frigid that it was voted coldest capital in the world.


I’m just glad I wasn’t there to experience it, mind you it hasn’t been all that warm in the Chi.

As they say in Chicagoan vernacular: the hawk is out… and in my opinion it’s going to stay a while.

I will say, though I really dislike bitter cold, it has enabled me to be well versed in the area of layers and I’ve learned that there’s no need to forego style for the sake of warmth… both can easily be achieved!

Read on.

The basics of layering are very simple, and anyone can do it, the question is, can you do so and still be cute?! The answer is yes!

Below are three of my go-to’s :


I love a good turtleneck!  The thicker the fabric, the warmer it is, and If you live where winter months outlast summer you need at least one or two of these.

But as much as I like a cozy sweater, the turtleneck alone is not enough. You’ll need more!

Now what you don’t see under the sweater is my grey tank top; growing up my mom would always put an undershirt on us, specifically during winter months to keep us warm. This could very well be force of habit, but it works.

As you’ve noticed, I’m also wearing a buttoned down shirt on top of my sweater, it’ s a man’s shirt so it’s a bit oversized but works well with my sweater as I don’t feel confined. When layering, try to choose pieces that are somewhat loose-fitting so you don’t feel constrained by your clothes.


Tip 1: Wear pieces that mesh well together but can stand alone if removed. For instance, if I get warm, I can easily remove my camo buttoned down and my outfit will still look fine. Or, I can remove my sweater and pair the camo with my tank.


I don’t really wear skirts, and I can count on one hand how many skirts I own. This vegan leather one is one of my faves, I got a it a few years ago and it’s made a public appearance twice… this being the second.

Some may find it challenging to wear a skirt or a dress when it’s cold outside… I’m here to tell you it can be done.

We all know leggings aren’t pants, but they can serve as tights; they come in a variety of fabrics sure to keep you warm during winter months.

Tip 3: say not to stockings, pair your midi skirt or dress with warm leggings.


There are two things I like to wear on my feet: sneakers and over the knee boots. Clearly sneakers aren’t ideal when it’s snowing outside but boots are.

The boots pictured here are actually thigh high, I like’em because they are loose fitting, the flexibility of the excess material enables me to  wear thick knee high socks, in turn keeping my feet warm and cute.

Tip 3: get some OTK boots, preferably loose fitting so you can wear thick socks.

outfit of the day

Winter is cold and it lasts [for what seems like] forever… thankfully you don’t have to wait until summer to be stylish…Just add a few layers ;)

Got tips you’d like to share on the topic of layering? Would love to read them, drop’em in the comment section below!

Until next time.

” Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”

-John 14:6