the park at wrigley

the park at WrigleyThe Park at Wrigley.


If you’ve never been to Chicago during winter months and are seriously considering coming between now and February, be sure to come prepared.

By prepared I mean, parka, heated socks, boots heck bring fire with you to keep warm! Kidding… Maybe?!


Most of you know I was raised in Canada, and Canadian winters pale in comparison to Chicago, we laugh in the face of 29 degrees Fahrenheit ( -2 Celsius) which was the exact temperature this past Saturday when I decided to take my family to the Park At Wrigley.

We braced the cold, hats, scarves and boots in tow, and headed to one of the greatest winter/Christmas adventures Chicago has to offer!

There was an abundance of hot chocolate, donuts ( don’t tell my personal trainer) , laughter and all around fun, I managed to document a few of the moments my crew and I shared to entice you to head that way in the coming days.

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the park at Wrigley

Skating anyone?

I’m no Surya Bonaly, but this African girl can manage to skate for a good 10 -15 minutes before (gracefully) losing my balance, one of the many perks of growing up on Canadian soil.

It was nostalgic to share a similar experience with my daughter over the weekend, talk about full circle?! Mind you, my sweet Neriah couldn’t stand on both skates for more than 5 seconds and couldn’t understand why the blue bladed shoes wouldn’t allow her to keep her balance, but her persistence was a joy to witness and she managed to hold on (for dear life) long enough for this mamarazzi to snap a picture ( see below).


I’ll take that half-smile, with two missing teeth any day.


Donuts? Yes Please!


All you need is love and a donut?! Or in my case, several donuts! Pictured here, my love getting me donuts!


Refreshments are always a good idea, hot chocolate to keep our hands warm, topped with whip cream and chocolate syrup to keep our taste buds happy and of course a bag of mini donuts to keep our bellies full!

Off to Germany we go!


Guten morgen-

That’s German for good morning, and that’s also the extent of my fluency!

Though my parents lived in Germany for a few years and my brother was born there, guten morgen is where it ends for me.

the nutcracker

The Munich stand was a thing of beauty, Neriah couldn’t get her eyes off the display of nutcracker and teddy bears, I had to gently remind her that I was freezing, that we had one more stop to make before leaving the park…and it involved visiting Santa’s workshop!

santa's workshopdisregard my (un)manicured nail and bring your attention to the cuties smiling with Santa.



Please don’t let my disdain for cold weather fool you, my crew and I  had a wonderful time at The Park (at) Wrigley, we truly enjoyed ourselves and if you plan on going, I’m pretty sure you will too.


Have you been? Would love to hear about your experience!

Plan on going? Click here for everything you need to know.

Until next time.

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