old navy

Summer is officially here and I’ve got my braids on as well as my favorite summer go-to ensemble. I have found the holy grail of effortless summer style thanks to Old Navy.

I found this inexpensive linen blend jumpsuit and liked it so much that I purchased two ( same style different colors).

I’m all about simplicity, the simpler the better, the plan [this summer] is to keep it minimal, so get used to seeing these braids and plenty of dresses and jumpsuits.




Speaking of simplicity, I’ve been looking for ways to start and end my days in the Word. Those of you who follow me on Instagram have shown interest in my morning devotions ad I thought it would be a great idea to share some of the apps that simplify my days in terms of keeping my nose in The Good Book.

If you don’t already, I encourage you to start/end  your day feeding your soul. It may not keep adversity at bay, but it will certainly help you deal with situation differently!

I know it does for me.

Y’all ready?

Let’s get started!

i) Starting Your Day Right Devotions by Joyce Meyers –

This is a great for anyone who is just starting to get into spending time in the Word. I love it because it’s easy to understand and has  a reference to scripture. I usually read the Scripture associated with the devotion as part of my Bible study.

ii) Ending Your Day Right Devotions by Joyce Meyers –

Same concept as the above mentioned, but instead of starting your day, you end your day with the Word. I like to do both, it puts things into perspective and often helps me take a look back at my day and pray over things that I could have handled differently.


iii) The Bible app.

I think that everyone and their mama has this app, which is cool, but do you read it LOL ?!

All jokes aside, I like to read some of the plans they offer. They have a list of categories to choose from and you can pick one that will help you deal with whatever you’re interested in.

I also like that there are different Biblical translations because the KJV ( King James Version) and that shakespearean English isn’t for everybody, especially not my ESL behind. I personally like THE MESSAGE translation which really puts Scriptures in layman terms and of course my  trusted French translation!

** Recommendations on Bible Plans that will change your life**

  1. C.S Lewis And The Call To Create
  2. Enemies of The Heart
  3. Comparison Trap
  4. Promises From God For Your Child
  5. Planting Lifelong Skills in Your Kids
  6. Using Your Time for God
  7. The Biblical Meaning of Success
  8. 10 Things to Abandon For Spiritual Growth 
  9. Anger
  10. She is Mom 
  11. There Is A Cloud
  12. EXTRAVAGANT – When Worship Becomes Lifestyle
  13. The End of Me by Kyle Idleman

Last but not least is the Elevation Church app.

I may be the only one who pays attention to detail when it comes to apps and it may very well have to do with my day job, but I love a well designed app and Elevation Church’s app is LIT!

Matter of fact Elevation Church’s entire aesthetic is a force to be reckoned with. I know that content is key, but we’re dealing with a society that likes pretty ish.  And things have to have some type of visual  appeal for folks to stay engaged. Thankfully EC has both, great Biblical content and an app that is easy to navigate and pretty as everything. If only I could be a fly on the wall during one of their creative meetings, I just want to know how they come up with all their dope concepts.

Aside from their dope app, their sermons are spot on! Easy to understand, empowering, life changing, soul satisfying, thirst quenching… I could go on ;)


Word of advice, when looking for a Christian devotional app, be sure to choose one that has Biblical Scriptural references; because anyone can create an app, you don’t want to feed your soul watered down truth.


That’s all I got! What do y’all have on your phones?

Don’t have a phone ( hey some folks don’t ) tell me how you plan on keeping your style fresh yet simple this summer!

Until next time!


“practice and cultivate and meditate upon these duties; throw yourself wholly into them …”

  • 1 Timothy 4:15