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How does the saying go? Oh right… Never say never !

To know me is to know that I once vowed to never grow my hair, I was from the #shorthairdontcare school and I had plans to rock my short (relaxed) do until the rapture.

Clearly things have changed, I now have two daughters who I plan on raising on a no lye diet until they move out of my house, plus, I’ve decided to embrace my natural coils. This is not to say that those of you who relax your hair are from a lower cast system; I believe that women have the right to wear their hair as they please, it’s a personal choice, but as for me and my house (at least for the time being) we will serve the coils.


Let me tell you about this transitioning life!

When I tell you that the urge of taking a clandestine drive to the closest 24 hours Walgreens to get my hands on some Gentle Treatment perm is real…. Ya’ll?! The addiction is real.

But that’s all it is… An addiction, a repetitive behavior, a dependency, a habit! I broke the habit last April and things are looking up for me. Mind you I still don’t know what I’m doing, but what I do know is that I’m sticking to this.

“Gentle Treatment” perm urges have significantly diminished and thanks to loads of Youtube videos on transitioning, I deep condition like a pro and found products that work for my hair type #WontHeDoit

So today I want to share a few tried and true protective styles that have helped me get over my “no-relaxer” hump in hopes to help someone that may find themselves in the same situation.

box braids



Up until last year, the last time I remember having braids was while pregnant with Neriah… in 2012. Getting braids while pregnant is the thing to do ( at least it is for me) the low maintenance style is perfect, I didn’t have to do my hair for weeks on end!

But low maintenance is not synonymous with no maintenance. You still have to take care of your mane… man!

distressed denim jacketBraids are fun, versatile and low maintenance to a certain extent. I’ve learned the hard way that the process in which the braids go in is as important as the removal of said braids and the manner in which the braids are maintained is of great importance too.
Here are the major keys to keeping your braids if you ever decide to get them:

  1. don’t get your edges braided… unless of course you don’t like edges. I always ave my stylist leave my edges out and smooth them with edge control. I once had a horrific #noedgesleftbehind situation that took months to remedy, I don’t know about you but I like my edges. Click here and here and one more to see a few styles I’ve rocked over the last few months.
  2. keep your scalp clean…and moisturized- because out of your scalp flows the goodness of you hair ;)
  3. don’t keep them in too long- for me 8 weeks is the max… Unless I’m super lazy ( and I kind of am when it comes to my hair) then I will throw in a extra week for good measure.
  4. the take down is just as important…. Take your time when removing your braids. Cut a little more than where your hair ends to ensure you’re not cutting your hair. And please don’t pull, it will cause breakage and that my friends defeats the purpose of protective styling. I learned the hard way… because lazy.
  5. Get some bling in your hair… it’s the only way to rock box braids, twists.


braidsI have a confession, I’m a little ashamed to admit this but heck… We’re all friends right?! I had my first crochet install in September of 2016 for my 36th birthday!

I know… I also know what you’re thinking… Who is this girl? And why did she not know about crochet! Does she live under a rock? Why yes… Yes I do!

My first crochet install had me at hello! The hair used was by Model Model and I kid you not when I say that apart from Latched and Hooked it was THE best hair, see how I rocked it here and here.

I literally cried when it was time to remove it because I could not find the specific type of hair anywhere.

I cried until I was introduced to Latched and Hooked and then the tears ceased.

I will be honest and say that I was a bit skeptical about Latched and Hooked, and I only say this because one, I had never used it, two it’s hard to feel hair texture online, three what may be great for others may not be great for me and four, I ordered the smallest curls having no idea what the finished look would be. But when you believe that you can do all things through Christ you make tough decisions!


The (extremely pretty ) boxes arrived and some of my skepticism was lifted because anything wrapped in a pretty package can’t be bad.

To make a long story short, my love for Latched N Hooked is unparalleled to this day. Model Model is great, but Latched n Hooked is better. Everywhere I went eyes were looking at my head, folks stopped me at church, at Walmart, Aldi (the 3 places I visit most LOL) – People thought it was my hair! If you ever considered crochet, do yourself a favor and get you some Latched and Hooked, the only synthetic hair that looks better the older it gets! See how I rocked it here, and  here

shop tobiLast but certainly not least wigs.

I’m a big fan of curly wigs! The curlier the better.

I usually get mine at the beauty suply down the street but you can pretty much find them anywhere. I like lace fronts, I typically get ones that closely match my hair texture, and leave a bit of my own hair out. It makes it look believable and you don’t end up looking like this. 

Here are some ways I like to rock my wigs ( one – two and three)


In other news, Spring is here and I plan on rocking my new favorite distressed jacket from Tobi.Com, am I the only one who is loving all things distressed! Neriah ( my oldest daughter) is not a fan!


So tell me, what are some of your go-to protective styles annnnd do you love distressed denim as much as I do?!

Drop a line in the comment section!

Until next time.

“I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken …”

-Psalm 37:25