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Let’s talk about Porscha!

This awesome mom of two and I connected via Instagram and we clicked instantly. I love that social media affords us the ability to make connections with like minded individuals. She loves the Lord, her style is on point, and she’s a fellow midwestern!

Porcha’s gift for decorating is another thing I admire, and today she shares a few gems on how to up your decorating game … on a budget!


In our eyes we see trash… His eyes, He sees a treasure. We are ALL like The Thrift Store. When entering into the Thrift Store you are surrounded by broken vases, desks that are missing legs, TV that need repaired, and plenty of dented/ scratched furniture. Many of us would walk pass these “unwanted” items because they wouldn’t serve any purpose to us. However, here’s the exciting part- we serve a God who WANTS the UNwanted! When God looks at us He sees the mess that we are in. The insecurities that we deal with and the struggles that we face, but He never has or never will walk pass us. The Greek word for Transformation is “Metamorphoo” which means “to change into another form”. Every last one of us have some transforming to do. Today, as I give you 3 EASY steps on how to transform your home I also want to encourage you all to let the Master of Transformation, who is Jesus Christ do a NEW work in YOU. Let the old creature be put to death and allow the new creature be developed. 

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will. (Romans 12:2)


1. Work with What You Got.

Some of us can’t afford to go into some of these high end furniture stores like Ethan Allen and buy all of the fancy crafted pieces. So it is perfectly ok to work with what you got. Personally, I would start with rearranging your furniture. Just the slightest move of your TV or love seat can make a difference and bring in a whole new vibe into the room. Also, visited your local Thrift Stores on a regular. You could easily find a not so cute horizontal dresser, add some paint to it, spray paint the knobs, and waaaa-la now it’s a buffet table for your dining room, or TV console for your living room. 


2. DIY- DUH!

Interior Designers are expensive. I know, because I’m an Interior Designer. So if you don’t have the coins to hire us, become best friends with Pinterest and YouTube. Find a room or a common theme that you love and recreate it to the best of your ability. There’s usually at least one crafty friend in the group, so if you’re not that crafty person, bribe that friend with wine and food to help with some of your DIY projects.


3. Declutter + Accessorize = Magic 

This should actually be the first thing that you do. DECLUTTER- Get rid of the junky corners, organized the bookshelf, and remove all of the unnecessary papers off of the TV stand. I promise you, your life will feel so much better when you not only declutter your life but when also declutter your living space. Once you’ve thrown everything away, ACCESSORIZE. Again, visit your local Thrift Stores for cute vases, mirrors, and pillows. The thing that I love so much about thrifting is that you can find one of a kind pieces there. Even though I love places like HomeGoods and TJ Maxx, the downfall of shopping there is that everyone goes there and essentially everyone will have the same vase, picture frame, or pillow in their home.

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