poncho love


A few weeks ago I purged the girl’s closets and got rid of most of their summer clothes.

Doing so made me realize that Micah was in desperate need of Fall/Winter clothes which gave me an excuse to shop.

When shopping, I prefer doing so online in the privacy of my own home, at my own pace and most likely in my pajamas.

Also, often times some of my favorite stores run online only promotions which allow me to get more bang for m buck!

But over the weekend, I decided to leave my house LOL. I was on a shopping mission of some sort! The goal: to update the girl’s closets, sepcifically’s Micah; although I always end up coming home with items for Neriah!




I like a neutral approach when it comes to dressing my girls, I tend to dress myself like that and I now see that some of my preferences at it relates to personal style have somewhat extended to my girls. I tend to dress them how I like to dress myself.

I do have a feeling that those days are coming to an end with Neriah! She’s showing signs of what I like to call “outfit rebellion” – she’s not always pleased with my outfit choicesfor her.

She’s four, going on fourteen! :)

But I’ve noticed that she tends to like  “matching” with her little sister, so imagine my excitement when I laid eyes on this poncho combo!

marshallsshe’s loving it!

The pants and poncho came together which was a sweet deal because they’re interchangeable. They can be worn together or apart, it’s truly a win win situation!

Loved that I was able to find it in both their sizes, Neriah was happy, Micah was happy and my wallet was happy;  Both outfits cost less than $40.

I typically don’t go into Marshalls to shop for the girls, I’m kind of set in my ways when it comes to them and usually shop at Target, Gap and H&M kids, but was pleasantly surprised!

So tell me, where do you shop for your little one(s) let me know  below!

Until next time!

“For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked…”

-1 Samuel 1:27

( both times) ;)