transition: summer to fall


“getting dressed in September is confusing, it’s fall in the morning, summer in the afternoon, and winter at night”.

The above is a quote I found online, and I have to say that I totally agree. Over the weekend my family and I went for breakfast and I believe the temperature was at 60, by the time 3pm rolled around it was 85, the mercury jumped 25 degrees.

To top it all off I had the kids dressed like it was about to snow out of fear that they’d get cold.

Not sure why I react in such a way,  I mean we all know that September is quite schizophrenic when it comes to weather especially in Chicago! One minute you’re experiencing African heat and the next a Canadian winter,one extreme to the next!

For that reason, I’m sharing 3 tips on how to transition from summer to fall effortlessly.



  1. It all about layers. Grab a light coat, a denim jacket, an oversized sweater, a cape, or a trench, something you can easily remove when it gets hot!


2. keep a few of your summer dresses out, most summer dresses are made from breathable fabric, perfect for those warm fall afternoons. Once the temp. drops, refer to number 1.


milknhoneethat blogger pose, like what am I looking at?

3. Lastly, flat shoes! My feet get really cold, really fast so you most likely won’t catch me in open toe shoes during autumn months; you will however catch me in sneakers! Comfort and style? Yes please! Ballet flats, oxfords or whatever you fancy are a welcomed break from heeled sandals!


So tell me, how do you transition, from summer to Fall?

Have any suggestions? Drop ’em below!

Until next time.

“The sun rises and the sun sets,
    and hurries back to where it rises.”

Ecclesiastes  1: 5

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  • Aracely

    September 26, 2016 at 11:26 am

    Haha, great blogger pose! :) Great tips, I totally agree about layering especially during the first few weeks of Fall. We were in our Fall gear this weekend for the pumpkin patch thought it was going to be in the 60s and we were burning up by mid-day! Ugh You look fabulous!