We’ve all heard of the dog whisperer, well, the power of social media has enabled me to connect with Malika who I like to call the “picky eater whisperer”.

Her children eat veggies and they love it! Meanwhile I can’t even get Neriah to look at brocoli ! What kind of mom am I lol ( sarcasm intended)

My oldest child is the definition of picky eater and I’m to blame, but  much like potty training, children can be taught to adopt healthy habits by us being great examples, our bodies will only crave what we feed it, we are creatures of habit. Plus last I checked my four year old does not make grocery decisions and so the ball is truly in our court.

I asked super mom Malika to share one of her recipes and share a few words of wisdom with us. Below is what ensued!


How many of you have a sweet tooth? I think I was born with a few. All my life Ive enjoyed sweets without ever contimplating the effect of all  those processed sugars I once consumed. Now that I am a mother of two toddlers I am more aware of some of the effects of refined sugars and when you know better, you do better.

I decided to be conscious of the food choices I make for myself and family; through research, trial and error, and sheer luck I’m now a master of “snack hacks”  for my children.


I love chocolate, and wish I could eat it all day everyday, that’s where raw cacoa comes in, I can literally eat it everyday! Cacoa, not to be confused with cocoa, is the purest form of chocolate you can consume.

Raw Cacoa has almost four times  the amount of antioxidants found in processed chocolate. This plant based phenomenon does everything from boosting serotonin levels to improving digestion. I love it for myself because it creates loads of energy, which every mama needs.

Below you will find a recipe I created, it’s simple but it is oh so tasty, plus it’s a treat  the whole family enjoy. Now keep in mind I am no Martha Stewart,  I rarely measure anything, and almost always add more of something once done to make sure it is just right!


I present to you the : Shock-A-Lot Shake!

You will need:

3 spoons of raw cacoa powder(any table spoon will do)

1 frozed banana


Dates (i used 4)

Coconut milk

1/2 Avocado



Keep in mind a few of these ingredients can be substituted. For example You can have your choice in milk, however I would stick to a plant/nut based milk to insure that all nutrients are being absorbed.  maximum absortion of nutrients. The avocado adds a nice creamy texture but you can skip it. Add all ingredients to your blender while playing Kelis’ Milkshake song. Don’t skip that part!

And tadaaaaa Mom of the year award goes tooooo……YOU!!!!!! You Get a hug, You get a hug, Everybody Gets a Hug!


Run and try it!

Thanks for sharing Malika!


Have any cool healthy recipes? Drop ’em below!


Until next time!


“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

-1 COR. 10:31