charlotte betts


I was born in Africa, both of my parents were born and raised in Africa and although westernized in some of my ways,I am African to the core and I’m thankful to my parents for instilling traditional values

I come from a home where typical African (strict but loving) ethics were bestowed upon my brothers and I and I often find myself parenting my girls in the same way, specifically like mother.

My mother is the original bossmom ( clearly a biased opinion).

If there was ever a blueprint on motherhood, she most certainly had a  hand in it and although I strive to be like her I am not my mother.

She’s in a league of her own.

An impressively awesome league.


milknhoneeshe clearly does not see me trying to take this picture.

Regardless of ethnic background or traditional values we all share a common denominator: our children.

Without them we wouldn’t be moms.

For the sake of sanity and “bossmomhood” I’m sharing a few universally applicable points below.

Read them, share them, apply them.


1) Don’t shame other moms because they don’t do things the way you do. Do what works for you.


2) You’ve heard it before… Comparison is the thief of joy, well same goes for your child. Don’t compare your child to their, friends, or even their siblings! We’re all individuals, kids included ( no matter their age).

3) Do your best and leave the rest! Let me tell you something, I have OCD tendencies. I can do messy but I CANNOT do dirty! Do you know how much of an adjustment it was when I became a mother of two. Do you know that my youngest enjoys throwing oatmeal, avocado and spaghetti on the floor. I’ve actually come to the conclusion that she does it on purpose. Why? Because she looks at me while she’s doing it.

I would constantly run behind both my girls picking up after them…Until I got tired of it and stopped. My house gets messy… it’s okay.

4) Don’t let your children watch Caillou! Caillou is the devil and its creators are demons. LOL – Caillou is such a brat!

5) Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Can’t deep clean your house, get a cleaning service to come out to scrub your place for you. Can’t cook? Get a meal service! Need a break (yes even if you’re a sahm) get a sitter to come watch your kids a few hours a day. Getting assistance, or help does not make you less of a mother.


Listen none of us are superwomen, well except my mom. Society and social media will have you questioning your mothering skills. Don’t believe the hype.

milknnhoneehow most our pictures come out.

Do what works for your family.

Got tips? Drop them below.

Until next time!