goodness and mercy


Last Sunday I celebrated my 36th birthday and I have no one to thank but God’s infinite grace and mercy that truly follow me all the days of my life.

Thirty five was filled with life lessons!

Good ones, and not so good ones. Every year I try to reflect on the previous year to see how far God has brought me and every year I am truly amazed. Last year around this time  I penned an article which I will share at the bottom of this post.

charlotte betts

So for the sake of tradition, I will share three major lessons I learned over the last year.

Let’s do it!


Forgive, forgive, forgive. No matter how bad the person has hurt you. Let it go! Half the time we get mad at people because they didn’t live up to our expectations ( I’m guilty of that). Forgiveness is liberating in so many ways, over the year, it’s allowed me to rebuild old valuable friendships. It’s “truly honestly” a wonderful thing ;)

2. Perspective

Perspective is everything! It actually dictates how you approach situations. A positive perspective will force you to seek the good out of a bad situation.

charlotte Betts

3.Be Real… with yourself.

We all have issues! Some of us are still dealing with some of the points I’ve mentioned above and that’s okay. Perfection is not the destination, if it were we’d all be there. I’ve come to the realization that a sort of  “self assessment” and a willingness for God to show you your flaws and allow Him to change you ( you can’t change yourself) will allow Him to do wonderful things in your life.

Now don’t go “self bashing” that’s not healthy. I believe that each of us have an idea as to what could be changed as it relates to our attitudes, ask God to reveal it to you.

charlotte betts

I’m so very thankful for the above lessons and it is my hope that you too learn something that relates to you from this post.

Until next time.


Last year’s reflections can be read here 

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

  • Psalm  23:6