boy’s clothing


I know that the title to this post may seem a tad bit confusing considering that I don’t have sons.

Stay with me, I’m going somewhere with this, and if you like shopping you will like this post.

To know me personally is to know that I’ve never been one to dress my girls in extremely girly threads. I grew up with 3 brothers who lovingly nicknamed me Chuck because clearly they wished I was a boy,  now how you get Chuck from Charlotte I will never know, but I digress.

Being around my brothers gave me a love for all things neutral that is now present in my day to day personal style and often reflected in the way I dress my girls.

Not to say that they never wear dresses, what I am saying is that if I happen to find something in the boy’s section I might just buy it for my girls. I mean why not right?!

For instance I recently purchased a pair of native shoes for Neriah because at the time, the girl’s options were pink. Not a fan of pink.

Thanks to the power of the internet, or rather my online shopping expertise, I’ve discovered the mecca of awesomeness for all things clothes. The answer to your shopping dilemma has come in the form of


With Neriah in school now, and Fall being around the corner I’m on the hunt for cool and fashionable threads similar to this quilted vest from JoJo Maman Bebe or this quilted Hoodie cover for Micah.


The site is truly amazing and kind of a one stop shop for parents who are entirely too busy to deal with malls or department stores. Not a fan of the latter.

Rest assured that my little ladies will not develop a complex, I, like many moms, like to get creative with their clothing options and little did you know they’ve been wearing boy’s clothing since birth.

Don’t believe me? I knew you wouldn’t let me prove it to you doubting Thomas ;)

This jacket ( boy’s jacket), those black shoes she’s got on ( yep you’ve guessed it BOY’S) and the jeans in the picture above… you already know boyyyyzzzzzz!

So tell me, have you ever shopped in the boy’s section for your daughter(s)?

If so let me know by dropping a line below.

Until next time.