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My younger brother is the definition of globetrotter; his travels have taken him to the bricked streets of Belgium, small cafes of Paris and the salty waters of Costa Rica.

I have him to thank for introducing me to the wonderfulness that is Airbnb; the ability to rent a vacation rental, home or apartment for the fraction of the price of a hotel room is pure genius. Enabling travelers to save money that can be spent on things like oh I don’t know… FOOD makes my heart happy! LOL


My husband and I take a trip once or twice a year to get away from the kids and spend time together. The last two years our destination has been NYC, we love the vibrant city, the good food and the opportunity to hang with good friends.

If you’ve ever traveled to the Big Apple, you know that the cost of booking a 3 to 5 star hotel is pretty up there, for this very reason we always opt for cool digs on Airbnb. Often times the price you pay for one night stay at a 3.5 star hotel will total the 2 to 3 nights stay if booked with Airbnb.

And because I want you to be great at everything you do, my simple guide to booking the perfect Airbnb awaits you below.

Psst the tips are in no particular order but are all equally important.

Ready to be great?

  1. Read the Reviews

Ever considered purchasing something online but the reviews made you reconsider the purchase? The same goes for airbnb. READ THE REVIEWS, they will make or  break your stay.

Side note: NO REVIEWS? Don’t book!

Unless the host has other properties on Airbnb that have great reviews, and you just happen to stumble on his/her latest addition. Many hosts have more than one property. You never want to be the first to test the waters on a property.

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2. Fine Print

Hurray! you found a place you like and are ready to book! Slow down and read what I like to call the “fine print”. Many places have a minimum  2 nights stay and/or charge an extra fee for additional people. If you know that your cousin is considering joining you during your trip and would like to “crash” with you, be kind and let the host know so you don’t accrue additional charges. I almost booked a condo in NYC where the host had a cat that lived in the condo. I don’t like cats; the details were in the “fine print”.


Don’t be afraid to book outside of the city,  chances are prices will be lower if you book in the outskirts, for instance booking in BK instead of booking in Manhattan may cost you less. Make sure that there is plenty of public transportation and check out reviews of the area on other sites.I like to Google the neighborhood.

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3. Book Early

Early bird gets the worm, especially for places that have phenomenal reviews. The earlier you book the better chances you have.

4. Message the Host

Have a question, message the host directly on Airbnb. Hosts are pretty good at getting back to you quick.

5. Get verified

Hosts are more likely to let you book their space if your account is verified. Worry not all transactions are made through Airbnb so you won’t need to pay anything in person. If they ask you to pay in person, run the other way.

6. Times

Always look at the check-in and check out times. If they don’t work for you, contact  contact the host to see if they are able to work with you, many of them are flexible.

7. Download the App.

All communication with the host are made directly through the Airbnb App, downloading it will enable you to get notified directly through your phone. This is especially convenient while travelling.

8. Leave an honest review

Leaving a review for the host is important for a number of reasons. There are two reviews left; a public one and private one.

The private review is solely for the host to see; there you can send suggestions or tips to improve her hosting.Only leave one if necessary.

The public review is seen by everyone interested in booking the place. Be as honest as you possible can but remain courteous.

By the way, hosts can leave reviews for you too! So put some “respeck” on their place.

milknhonee.comthis was our kitchen- that wall paper had me at hello!

9. Be adventurous, book something fun!

Why? Because why not LOL

10. Check it out and let me know what you think. Here’s where we stayed last year

Have you booked with Airbnb, if so how was your experience?

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Until next time!

“There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil. This also, I saw, is from the hand of God,”

  • Ecclesiastes 2:24