ozzie + olive


Social media ( Instagram specifically) has given me the opportunity to connect with some pretty amazing women who are doing pretty amazing things and running pretty amazing businesses; key word AMAZING.

I have a special place in my heart for moms who are bold enough to pour their all into their entrepreneurial visions.

It’s always a blessing to connect with like minded individuals, and Kathryn, the mastermind behind Ozzie & Olive is just that. A mom with a vision!

She designs the coolest shirts and her site has something for the entire family. We first fell in love with her “My Daddy is Dope” tee and we’ve been fans ever since.

The latest addition to our collection is the “GREATS”  shirt which features the names of influential African Americans who have powerfully impacted our society.

I recently rocked mine while travelling and received many compliments!

Yesterday, my darlings and I had a mini photo shoot. Below is what ensued.





milknhoneemy favorite picture

milknhoneewhy so serious?

milknhoneemuch better ;)

Want more? Find her here :

Facebook : Ozzie + Olive

Instagram : @ozzieolive

Use Code milknhonee through 08/02/2016 to get 20% off your entire purchase

Until next time!