homemade margherita pizza

easy homemade margherita pizza

Who doesn’t like pizza?

Everybody likes pizza; and if you’re anything like my 4 year old Riah, you love pizza and you pretty much want to eat it every night.

Ordering pizza every night is not something we do at the Betts residence, not because we’re opposed to it, but we’re pretty sure eating pizza every night would be unhealthy.

We’re all trying to make healthier choices, but making healthier choices and having a picky eater is a little difficult, so my goal is to give her what she likes by making a healthy version of her favorites.

I’ve also found that allowing Neriah to be in the kitchen with me gives her a sense of .pride; knowing that she is helping me create a meal for the entire family to enjoy overjoys her; it also makes for some good mommy/daughter bonding!


easy homemade pizza

This week we’re sharing a fuss free recipe!

It’s simple, i’ts delicious, it’s pizza!

You will need:

pizza dough of your choice ( opt for gluten free option if intolerant or allergic)

pizza sauce

fresh basil leaves

fresh mozzarella cheese

olive oil ( for drizzling)

All our ingredients were from Trader Joe’s ( at the exception of the mozzarella – it was from Whole Foods and the olive oil from Aldi)


Preheat oven to 350 F degrees


Use your dough as instructed if you’re not making it from scratch

once ready add sauce

add sliced mozzarella cheese

basil leaves

bake til cheese has melted and crust is golden

let cool for about 5 minutes

drizzle olive oil on top





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Until next time!