green bomber jackets


It’s been a while since Riah and I posted a mommy and me post and I felt it was time.

With Micah’s arrival and all types of good and crazy things happening these last few months, style posts have taken a bit of a break.

But we’re back like we never left ( haha) and kicking off the week with our dope bomber jackets!

I was able to cop Riah’s jacket a few weeks ago online from Zara, and now that the weather is warm enough here we are rocking them with some sneaks and cuffed dark denim.


Once I saw Riah’s coat, I knew I had to get one for myself. I got mine from F21, and although they are similar in style, they are not created equal. Riah’s jacket is much thicker whereas mine is more of a windbreaker. Something to consider if you are planning on purchasing this jacket from F21.


In any event, she was feeling herself and I thought she looked pretty cute too.

I’m beyond excited for Spring and can’t wait for Summer. There’s something so refreshing abut a change in weather, especially when it’s for warmer temps.


If you’re ready for spring and like the idea of rocking a bomber jacket then make sure to check out our Pinterest board conveniently called bomb(er) jackets | mnh style 

What’s your Spring jacket style?


Drop it below!

Until next time!