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garnet hill

I spend most of my time locked up in my home office working and usually only come out for lunch and the occasional “potty break” as my daugther calls them.

No I kid.

I come out for snacks too. Several healthy snacks. LOL


As much as I don’t miss commuting to and from work, especially living in Chicago, I do miss planning my outfits.

Up until recently my work outfits consisted of whatever I went to sleep in the night before also known as pyjamas.

I’m making much more of an effort to get up a little earlier to take time to meditate, have a delicious breakfast and cuddle with my littles before they start their day.

So I’m waking up a little earlier to make an effort to wear something other than Yoga pants and tank. Mind you the latter is perfectly fine if you’re going to yoga class.

With that being said today I’m looking and feeling good in my Garnet Hill Essential Cotton shirt.

Garnet Hill

It’s comfortable, it’s made of prima pima cotton which guarantees that it will stand the test of time!

I’m rocking the horizontal pale blue stripe version, I like how simple yet versatile it is. I’ve paired mine with my favorite pair of jeans, but can easily be paired with with skirt as well.

Garnet Hill

I think that it’s of great importance to make an effort to try and look nice. Some days I want to live in my sweats all day hahahah ( you know you do too) but there’s something about getting up and getting dressed that does wonders for your spirit wouldn’t you agree?

Garnet Hill

If you want to look as fly as I do in my essential cotton shirt than click here! 

Do you work at home? What are some of the things you do or wear to get you out of the stay at home rut?

Drop them below.

Oh and make sure to check out my pinterest board on how to style button down shirts!


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  • Assaba Linda

    March 28, 2016 at 9:44 pm

    Hey Char, it’s been a while! I went from grad school to motherhood a few months ago (it’s a girl; :-D my heart overflows with love). I returned to work recently, mostly telecommuting. Dressing decently every morning definitely adds something to my mood and focus for the day; I’m with you on that! And a comfy + dressy button down shirt is a must for breastfeeding/pumping working mama.