I’ve been doing this business thing with my favorite guy ( hu-bae) for a little over three months and it dawned on me that I never really introduced it to you all, crazy right?!

Well, allow me to introduce you to our labor of Love!

We’ve been working on pintsizefaith for about a year now and we officially launched October of 2015 and I thought it was time I officially shared it on le blog!

After a year of planning and bringing our ideas to life, we launched!

The purpose of pintsizefaith is quite simple; creating dope tees that will most likely strike a conversation which would lead to Kingdom talk and have God get ALL the glory.


And we’re doing so by making tees for the littles because, “out of the mouth of babes”.

With that being said we’ve launched our latest design the “GOD Vibes Only” which is limited edition.


My love for all things camouflage has extended to pintsizefaith and I couldn’t be happier! The God Vibes Only shirt is now available to purchase. Because it is limited edition, once it sales out, it will not be restocked.

So get it while you can ;)



To those of you who have asked if we will be launching any adult size shirts, while our focus and our niche is strictly children’s apparel, we are working on accessories for adults that we will be launching soon so feel free to follow us on Instagram , Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you to all who have supported our business by purchasing shirts and sharing our posts we appreciate you!

To God be the glory!

Until next time