AG hair



One of my goals this year is to use this platform to push content that has purpose with hopes of empowering one another.

There’s nothing I love more than to promote and share and thanks to the folks at AG\hair, I’ve partnered them to share a little bit of their USE. LOVE. DONATE campaign.

What is the USE. LOVE. DONATE campaign?

I’m glad you asked, but before we get into it, allow this Canadian gal ( me)  to tell you a bit about AG|hair.

Founded in 1989 in Vancouver, Canada by John and Lotte Davis, AG has become a name synonymous with integrity.

Inspired by the world of fashion, hair and culture, AG creates a new standard of beauty through handcrafted products that deliver on their promise.


Being born in Africa, AG Hair’s philanthropic foundation: Women Leading Change is one I fully support, so when the opportunity to partner with them presented itself I didn’t hesitate.

WOMEN LEADING CHANGE is all about helping educate girls in Africa.Established in 2008, WLC has raised over 2 million dollars and built a total of 5 schools.


We all know the importance of investing in education, but investing in girls in Sub-Saharan Africa ( the most poverty stricken region in the world) will enable the girls to earn an income which will in turn strengthen their community’s ability to develop.


In 2011, WLC  began working with Ganze Girls Secondary School in Northern Kenya. Since then, enrollment has grown from 150 to 500 girls, sadly the school is in desperate need of renovation and expansion. In order to help them  achieve this goal, 50-cents from each limited edition WLC Revamp will be donated directly to support Ganze School and AG Hair will absorb all marketing and administrative costs.


I recently decided to go back to combing my hair ( see this post) and used the WLC Revamp keratin volume finishing spray, and let me tell you that any spray that can withstand Chicago winds is a friend of mine.

To learn more or to find ways to  get involved click here.

You can also follow WLC on instagram @womenleadingchange