year in review


2015 has been a year filled with wonderful moments!

I’ve been blessed to connect with some fabulous people, formed wonderful friendships with women I admire, welcomed Micah ( our second and last child) and launched a business with my better half.

Every year always comes with wonderful memories but it also comes with lessons to take into the new year.

I’m taking a few with me, and because we as human beings often share the same experiences but don’t always voice them,  some of my lessons may be applicable to you as well.

But before we get into the “nitty gritty” let’s talk resolutions. I stopped making resolutions in 2013 because I never kept them, and trust me… I tried. By March I was back to my old ways.

So instead of resolutions I write down my goals for the year ahead. With every goal I  attach a Biblical scripture to it. And I will tell you, that when you trust God with your plans and let Him lead the way, you will NEVER and I mean NEVER be disappointed. This is not to say that it will be smooth sailing, because we all know that a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor; but committing your plans/goals to God will forever be the smartest thing to do as described in Proverbs 16:3

I’ve done this for the last 2 years and God has showed up and showed out!! I’ve tried to “wing it” and “control” things and it is not until I started surrendering to God that a change came about. So if you’re trying to figure things out, you don’t have to. Leave EVERYTHING in His very capable Hands, sit back and relax!


The biggest lessons learned in 2015 are below:

  •  – I learned to have UNSHAKABLE faith ( but I had to be shaken first) – ” Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” Hebrews 11-1
  • I’ve learned that planning is futile without God – “the heart of man plans his way,  the Lord establishes his steps.” – Proverbs 16:9
  • I’ve learned that people are not always going to act the way you expect them to, the way they treat you is a reflection of their character… NOT YOURS. Don’t let it change your character. “the integrity of the upright will guide them…” – Proverbs 11:3
  • – I’ve learned that there is no rushing the process. That it is better to do things well while taking your time. You will always yield greater results when you take your time. ” Desire without knowledge is not good– how much more will hasty feet miss the way” – Proverbs 19:2
  • Last but not least, I’ve learned that where I am is where I need to be. – “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46-10


On that note, I want to thank you for riding with me another year. I cannot express my gratitude for you. For every post I wrote that you retweeted, shared on Facebook or double tapped on Instagram, know that your presence on this blog does not go unnoticed! I appreciate you!

See you in 2016!