the 5ive ( November edition)


boy oh boy!

December snuck up on us last week and here we are in the 12th ( and last) month of the year.

Twenty-fifteen has been a year of newness on so many levels in both my personal and professional life and I will be touching on some of those moments in coming posts as I share with you MNH “highlights” of 2015.

But for now, we will focus on “The 5ive” things I absolutely loved from the previous month ( November 2015) –

I try to post my Fives the first day or the first week of the (new) month, but last week, life was happening and left me little time. I had to choose between hanging with my littles or blog. The choice I made is quite obvious considering that my last blog post dates to last month.

Nevertheless, I’m here now and ready to share!

Let’s do this!


1 – Jeannine Adams of Ready Pretty

I unofficially met Jeannine in October at an event I attended at The W hotel celebrating Second City Style’s tenth anniversary. I say unofficially because we didn’t formally meet until last month. I remembered her from the event  because  I was secretly in love with the black jumpsuit she had on, only to find out weeks later that she is the founder and owner of Ready Pretty; a virtual wardrobe styling agency. Which pretty much explains her impeccable sense of style. Ready Pretty is the answer to women who simply don’t have the time to allocate to shopping. They make buying clothes simple. I’m all about simplicity and any service that will allow me to have more time to myself is a service I want to utilize.

Jeannine was kind enough to extend a discount to my readers! A 15% discount will be available to all of you until December 31st by using the code RP15


2) Kathryn Burnett of Ozzie+Olive

Kathryn and I are both ambassadors for Boss Mom Nation and I’m so glad we were able to connect! She’s the owner of Ozie + Olive and designs some of the cutest and coolest kids tees I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for a statement shirt that will profess your dopeness, may I suggest this one or this one?!


3) Chuckstr Photography

I ‘ve been blessed to connect with some pretty awesome photographers! Last month I worked with Chuck, who was able to capture some pretty amazing pics ( like the ones in this post) – We haven’t had a chance to collaborate for a while because of our conflicting schedules, but November was good to us and we were able to get a few photographs in! If ever in Chicago or wherever you are, do yourself a favor and call Chuck.  For a quick turnaround time, Chuck’s your guy! To see his portfolio and book him click here!

4) Shah and Aliyah of BossMomNation

There’s nothing I love to see more than women who genuinely love to see other women succeed. These two women are my baes! I met them through IG and it was love at first “like” – I’ve joined their movement as one of their BossMom ambassadors and I’m excited to share more about all the things that make motherhood fabulous: dirty diapers, lack of sleep and all the things in between. Make your way to their site to meet the other moms.

5) This “black by nature, proud by choice” pin was given to me about 8 years ago by a DJ in NYC. And I recently found it in the middle of packing for our move. I love simplicity in everything , but you know what I love almost as much? Details. The little things that complete outfits.

If you like a good pin you may want to check out Pintrill! The Brooklyn based company knows all about detail! I’m loving their “bae” collection and their “first” pack! Make sure to check them out for all your pin needs!

And there you’ve got it folks!

My Fives!

Got anything you want to share? Drop it in the comment section below!

Until next time.