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charlotte betts

Remember when I said I was going to share one thing I’m thankful for with every post I write because November is also known as “thankful month” with it being Thanksgiving month and I failed to do so in this post and this post!

I will redeem myself at the end of this one; but first, let’s talk shoes!


I’m almost 100% positive that I’m not the only one who does this but I tend to pick my shoes before I pick my outfit. I will build an entire look solely based on the shoes!

Ever looked at one of those Fashion Bomb daily pics on Instagram and think ” why do bad shoes happen to good people”? My point exactly!

Shoes are the pivotal point of your outfit’s existence and choosing the right (or wrong) ones can either make or break you and by you I mean your look!

Me? I “keeps” it simple! But you already knew that!

I mean look at the pics posted in this post. Y’all see I’m keeping it cool yet warm with an oversized sweater/dress from  Zara, some denim and my vegan leather coat! But the shoe game is strong LOL!

I usually gravitate towards flat shoes, but heels are a welcome change and they give me an extra pep in my step! blue2


charlotte Betts

charlotte Bettsthat’s that extra pep in my step ;)


SN: As promised, I’m thankful for this blog, I’ve connected with so many dope women through this space and each and every single one of you have been a source of inspiration so thank you.

I’m also thankful for you who come  and read what I have to write. I Luh y’all!


So tell me, do you build your outfit based on your shoes or nah? If not, how do you go about it? Drop a line below and let a sista know!

Untill next time