basic chick

They say that the first step to self acceptance is acknowledging who you are and coming to terms with your identity.

With that being said, allow me to re-introduce myself.

My name is Charlotte and I’m a basic chick!

Get your mind right, I’m not referring to the pejorative term used to describe women who are considered lesser than their “non-basic peers or whatever a basic chick embodies nowadays.

milknhonee.comI was waiting for the wind to swing my coat open LOL

What I am referring to is my no fuss approach to pretty much everything that pertains to life. Mind you it hasn’t always been this way ( and I’m a work in progress) but these days, I’m in a Zen like state of mind, if it adds chaos to my environment I’m swiftly kicking it to the curb. I’ve applied this technique to pretty much err’thang including my personal style.


oversized coat

I recently purged my closet of things I haven’t worn in years and realized that a lot of my clothes consisted of items that were on “trend”. Thankfully I no longer abide by those purchasing rules, but instead, I choose to buy things that can be worn casually and/or spruced up for special occasions.

I’ve also realized, that although not exactly “on trend” –  I’ve got some pretty dope basic pieces, and I believe that those are the staples of a good wardrobe. Basics will carry you through all the fashion fads and ensure that your closet/wardrobe is built on a solid foundation of interchangeable pieces.


What are basics? Anything that is uncomplicated!

Crew/V neck shirts, whether they be long sleeves or short ( like the one I’m wearing above).

Pairing the above mentioned with one of the items below are a winning combination! To make everything come full circle in your closet, you will need some of these staples:

At least two pairs (or three) of quality denim pants in different styles and wash, because much like troubles inexpensive jeans don’t last always. But sometimes inexpensive is cute so you buy them anyway.

Two good coats, one for dressier occasions and another for casual outings

Colorful pumps to break the monotony of a basic outfit; because none of us are really that basic and a little color “never hurt nobody”.

oversized coat

Two good bags, one large enough to carry your life and by life I mean laptop, iPad a couple of diapers, snacks, chargers, snacks, baby bottles, snacks; yes I know, I’ve said snacks 3 times, I love a good snack. As well as a clutch to carry the essentials ( cell phone, lipstick, bank card) !

oversized coat

Now, close your eyes, and imagine this very outfit with a pair of sneakers, and a leather coat!


Interchangeability at its best!

oversized coatbaby hairs laid

I rocked my basics over the weekend, and not only was I comfortable, I felt good.

One tap on my IG (@milknhonee) will divulge the details of this outfit! Two taps will let me know we share a mutual understanding on the importance of basics, hence making you a basic chick!

basic chick

My top destination for all things basic are:

Uniqlo Chicago



Tell me where you shop for your stuff by dropping a line below!

Until next time!