November already uh?

Hard to believe that in just a matter of weeks, December will be here, and next thing you know, we’ll be ushering in 2016.

Time flies.

You know what else made me realize how fleeting time is? Neriah’s picture.

We took a few pics over the weekend because Sunday’s weather was magical. Riah had been fighting a cold most of last week, so hubby and I decided that it would be good for her to get some fresh air. So we headed outside, blew a few bubbles and snapped a few pictures ( because why not). I then posted the above picture on Instagram and the more I stared at it, the more I noticed how much she’s grown and although she’s only three, soon to be four, I can’t help but feel like she’s growing too fast!

Despite my wishes for time to slow down, I’m so very thankful for Neriah; which brings me to today’s post!


With November being thanksgiving month, I decided to make it thanksgiving month on MNH as well.

I will express my gratitude for at least one thing with every post I write this month!


So I’m kicking things off with Neriah!

God am I ever thankful for my first-born! She is such a wonderful gift, our miracle baby! She keeps me on my toes with her strong will and teaches me to be patient, she also reminds me everyday that I need to be thankful in all things, specifically food.

She never fails to ask me if I prayed before eating! She’ll say ” What do you say mommy?” She’ll then lead me into prayer saying: “Thank you God, for this food I’m about to eat (insert food I’m eating here) Amen.”


I’m also thankful for these cute Nine West boots I scored at Marshalls, and this schoolgirl dress from Gap Kids ( a wonderful gift from Uncle Dave)


Feel free to join me this month in being thankful, for all that you have, no matter how big or small!

Be thankful!


Until next time!