canadian tuxedo

canadian tux3

Mother Nature’s had me feeling like summer over the weekend when she hit us She hit us with close to 80 degree weather, blue skies and plenty sun!

We took advantage of the warm temps to venture out and in true blogger fashion we snapped a few pics  of Riah because it’s been a while since she’s had a solo appearance on MNH; You know me, I’m always trying to twin with baby girl.

So today, Riah is serving Canadian tux ! The shirt is from “circle” that’s what she calls Target,  jeans are from H&M and booties from Old Navy (old).

canadian tux1

canadian tux2

canadian tux5

canadian tux4baby hairs laid

Canadian tux6the thirst; I’m always trying to get a picture with my superstar ;)

Canadian tux9


Why do these kids grow up so fast?


Until next time…

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