nine years

IMG_4745bae stay ready for the camera

On this day nine years ago bae and I got married in a small ceremony in Ottawa Ontario and the rest is pretty much history.

Hubby and I met online back in 2003 and never did I think that this guy would be my forever dude! God does work in mysterious ways; Thankfully His ways are better than mine and trusting God led me to marry the man of my dreams.

So today, to celebrate 9 years of marriage, I thought I’d share 9 simple rules to making things work in your marriage. Let me be the first to say that I am not an expert in marital bliss, however over the last few years hubby and I have learned that following some basic steps will most likely lead to a happier life!

1. Keep God first, He’s the Head of your marriage! Not you, not your mama, not your daddy and not your hubby.- Matthew 6:33

2. Keep your marriage pure. Don’t invite anything… or anyone that may harm your union. -Hebrews 13:4-7

3.Don’t talk about your marital problems to ANYONE, specifically Fefe! Who’s Fefe? Fefe is your friend who ain’t got no man, never been married, ain’t saved, always trying to find out what you and bae are doing and if he’s done anything to upset you lately. Keep your mouth shut. Fefe ain’t got to know. You better take your problems to the prayer room, before sharing with Fefe or worst, posting them on Facebook! – Psalm 1:1-2


IMG_4744micah’s thinking about her next feeding

4. Try not to fight lol – And when you do, don’t go to sleep mad at each other. -Ephesians 4:26

5.Back in the day it used to be you and hubby, no kids. You had all the time in the world to take care of yourself and hubby. Now there are kids in the mix and well…. It’s all about the kids right? WRONG! It should be, GOD, HUBBY, KIDS mmmkay!

6. Don’t fuss about everything. Trust me LOL. I’m the number one fussa hahah and it gets me nowhere. If boo thang leaves his socks on the floor don’t fuss pick ’em up. – Proverbs 31-10

7.Make time for hubby, hang out, go on dates, enjoy yourselves.

8. Let him be the man. Don’t try to emasculate him. That ain’t cute. – Genesis 2:22

9. Pray about everything together. Communicate clearly with each other, and leave everything to God.

Marriage is not easy, it’s tough, but as long as you and your boo are willing to work it out, all things are possible through Christ!


Until next time.