I like to think of denim as the gift that keeps on giving!

When it comes to fashion, there’s nothing I love more than jeans. I often joke that if I could’ve rocked denim on my wedding day I would’ve, that’s how serious I am about the fabric.

Not only is denim the gift that keeps on giving, the versatility it offers makes it all the more appealing. I love that it comes in different styles, shapes and colors and it can be worn through winter, summer, spring and fall.


How many ways do I rock the denim? Let me count the ways!

I rock the “boyfriend”  with a good pair of kicks to run errands with the kiddos or  the “moms” paired with a tank and chunky heels for a night out with the girls. And when it’s time to up ante a little bit, I wear my skinny jeans ( preferably high waist) with a pair of sexy leather pumps for date night with the hubby!



In other news ( which still very much relates to denim), September 28th, 2015 marks the launch of SHOPBOP’s very own Principle Collection.


What is the Principle Denim Collection? I’m glad you asked!

SHOPBOP has teamed up with some of the world’s leading jeans designers to essentially bring me/you/us the denim collection of our dreams.

Some of the participating brands include MOTHER ( a personal favorite) , PAIGE, CITIZENS OF HUMANITY and J BRAND to name a few.

SHOPBOP is hosting a fabulous launch event in Cali that I sadly can’t attend because Monday nights in Cali are not the norm for me.


Buuuuuuuuuut being that I have this thing for the denim,  I decided to bring the “partay” to MNH complete with a guest of honor! I’m sure you know who my guest is, because the photos pretty much gave it away, and if you’re new to my spot, allow me to introduce you to my eldest daughter, also known as my “best fren” Neriah!

Thanks for joining our party!

denim8clearly Neriah is not in a partying mood! Why do kids go 0-100 that quick. LOL

If you’re forever searching for the right pair of jeans, be sure to check out the Principle collection, it’s sure to guide you in the right direction. As for you denim senseis of  SHOPBOP I am raising imaginary glass filled with imaginary champagne ( imaginary because I’m a nursing mom)  thank you for your extensive knowledge of denim and for helping women everywhere find the perfect fit!

I may declare the last week of September Denim week and wear denim the rest of the month… What say you? Yay or Yay? :)

Matter of fact, I hereby declare the next three days MNH DENIM DAYS!

Come back tomorrow and see what I decided to wear.

Until next time!


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