toyota highlander 2015

Families expand, and with expansion comes the need for a bigger vehicle. Our sedan has served us well over the years and I’m forever indebted to my sweet Chevy. It was her (yes her) who introduced me to the cool streets of Chicago! We even rode down memory lane to Canada together. We’ve built a relationship a little less than 10 years strong. She was my ride or die, and sadly the “die” part is closer then I’d hope for it to be.

With family expansion, comes the need to have a back seat area large enough to house growing kids who (in my case) require car   seats. There hasn’t been a sense of urgency to replace Miss Chevy because, if it ain’t broke why fix it right? Well I’m eating those words because earlier this week, we took in our beloved vehicle  to get diagnosed and the list they gave us was enough to make anyone’s head spin.

And so the search begins! And because the Man Upstairs’ timing is oh so perfect, I was able to partner with the fine folks over at Toyota to review the beauty pictured above and below.

If you follow my shenanigans on le Snapchat, then you probably got a glance of me #drivingaroundandgettingit – along with my trusted ally Neriah!

Our family although small, keeps busy. Our weekdays consist of driving Riah to and fro and don’t let me get started on the weekends! The weekends is when we really get down with, so a second car is a must!

My wish list for a family car is quite long and the Highlander met (and surpassed) all of my needs.

Peep the wish list below:

large trunk space ( for my double stroller and shipments *soon come*)

leather seats ( for easy clean up)

hybrid ( good on gas because I like money in the bank )

good speakers ( because car jammin’ sessions)

TV ( to preserve my sanity when Neriah loses hers)

third row seat option ( because we ride deep when the homies are in town)

automatic trunk ( because I like to shop til I drop , and by shop I mean buy groceries)

the homie

wish list (continued)

side view mirror alerts ( because my blind spot is blind)

sun roof ( why not)

temperature control for the front and the back ( because I get hot and cold and then hot)

she likes the car too! hey boo, hey !

trunk space

A huge thank you to the Toyota Crew for allowing me,  and my crew to ride around in the highlander it served us well and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a family car. #novansallowed

my face when I realized the car was going back soon – p.s. I wear corrective lenses to drive,  because the way my eyes are set up…


Until next time!



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