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For those of you new to my spot, allow me to introduce you to the five! Every month, I share a list of 5 things that I loved discovering the previous month ( August).

This month, I’m shaking things up by allowing Neriah to share some of the things she’s taken a liking to over the last few weeks! Here’s to hoping the items on her list peeks your curiosity enough to share with the kids in your life!

Let’s get started!

1.Riah’s summer break came to an end last month and she made her way back to daycare/school. Last year, she was in school part -time three days a week. This year hubby and I decided to enroll her full time and she’s loving it. It’s taken some adjustment on my end, I got used to her being around, but it’s a welcomed break because Riah is ball of energy; Me… Not so much! Her first day back was smooth and she went back in style thanks to our friends at Garnet Hill. They were kind enough to help Neriah kick off the school year by sending her the very cool Rollie Backpack pictured above. She calls it “the horsies bag” and takes it everywhere she goes. Truth be told, I love it just as much as she does! The bag is spacious enough to stuff all her tiny belongings and small enough to use as a carry-on while flying. This “horsie bag” is sure to be our traveling companion on our next family trip!

2.My big girl loves a good book. She reminds me a lot of my younger self.

Growing up I was a bookworm, and although I still love to read, I haven’t had much time to lose myself in a really good book. I’ve purchased plenty of reading materials in the last months and  they’ve been collecting dust! But not all hope is lost, I’ve been reading with Neriah, and she’s added two new books to her collection! “S” is for SouthSide  and “A” is for Anacostia, both written by Dr. Courtney Davis. To say that I love the books would be an understatement. The artwork and content of the book is A+. As a parent to African American girls, it is of great importance to me for my children to see illustrations that resemble them, and Dr. Davis’ books are a stellar representation. We also loved seeing the SOUTHSIDE of Chicago (which we rep proudly) be represented in a positive light! A welcomed changed from all the negativity often associated with the city’s south end! Whether you’re from Chicago or not show  Dr. Davis some love and support by purchasing these books for your little ones. She will appreciate it and your kids will too!

3. Bruh ( in my Kanye voice)! Brushing teeth at the Betts residence… Is like pulling teeth! Not for Trez and I, we know the importance of dental hygiene. Riah… Not so much! Every morning ( and night) used to be a hassle to get this girl to clean her mouth! She would scream bloody murder. All that changed when I discovered the Disney Magic Timer by Oral -B app. It comes complete with avatars for your child to choose;  this week Riah is Doc McStuffin, last week she was Elsa. The timer is set for 2 min of brushing. Once the timer is set, your entire phone screen is covered with fake suds. For every second that is elapsed, the amount of suds is reduced. Upon completion of brushing their teeth, once the two minutes of brushing is completed a picture is unveiled. It’s pretty cool. If you have a petty brusher, yes I said petty brusher like I do, this app is for you. I tried brushing her teeth once without it, she said… and I quote ” mommy where’s the phone” ! At least she’s brushing her teeth without a fight!

4.When I first moved to Chicago, I was employed as a nanny. Little did I know that God was prepping me to have children of my own. The job was challenging at times, but a lot of fun. A lot of the way I parent my children is based on some of the experiences I acquired while working with the families I had the pleasure of working with. Trusting someone with your kids is NOT easy, and now that I have my own I am made aware of how HARD of a choice that can be. One of the shows I loved watching with the kiddos I worked with was Yo Gabba Gabba and it is one I introduced to Neriah as well. We’ve been discussing germs a lot lately and how crucial it is for her to wash her hands to keep them at bay. This song from Yo Gabba Gabba is one that we sing often. SN: to the families who trusted me with your kids you know who you are and I appreciate you. It is a VERY TOUGH decision to trust a complete stranger which is essentially what I was.

5. Did y’all know that Riah and I are on Snapchat? We’re pretty much on there every morning ( around 6AM) when I drop her off at school. I kind of have to stop her from chatting so much at times. When that camera is on, this girls runs with it, and I’m not even mad about it. We keep it all the way real on the Snap, none of that pretty stuff you see on the blog, we sing, we laugh , we dance.  I come on there with my hair undone, and my brow game be hella weak! Hair and nails NOT DID. But we have a ball. We have what I call “car jammin’ sessions” where we dance, shout  and she shuffles in her carseat. They’re the best, and I’m extending an invitation for you to join our crazy!

So if you’re on snapchat let me know (our handle is @milknhonee) drop yours below so we can follow you.

Until next time!

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  • Carla

    September 10, 2015 at 11:30 am

    I’m like you — I love for my children to get into books with characters that look like them. My daughter loves Whoopi Goldberg’s children’s series — Sugarplum Ballerinas. My brother bought her the entire set. And also like you, I hardly have time to really get into the books that I want to read. I need to do better with that, but right now I’m glued to netflix watching Person of Interest to get all caught up.