Hubby and I recently took a much needed “getaway” trip to BK sans enfant and to say we had a wonderful time is an understatement! We had such a good time hanging with old friends, and making new ones we can’t wait to go back!

I hadn’t been to BK in years and I was happy to get re-acquainted with the borough.

We were there for a very short period of time but we made sure to basically do as much as we could. First stop, the nearest nail shop for a much needed  mani/pedi.

I walked into the first nail shop I saw and frankly it was the best decision; nothing says come in like bright pink walls, but what topped the welcoming pink was the owner’s warmth. Unfortunately her name and the shop’s name escape me. I did take a business card and she did tell me her name but the way my mommy brain is set up… I’m hoping I can find the business card and share the information with you soon!

I asked her If I could have her glasses… she laughed… I’ll take that as a no!

hubby, impatiently waiting ;)


Also, make sure to grab a bite at one or all of the places listed below!

Peaches Hothouse


Colador Café

and of course


Any suggestions for my next trip to BK? Drop ’em below!


Until next time!