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My younger brother, his girlfriend and my best friend are travelling fools. Between,  the three of them they’ve been around the world and back. They’ve swam in the beaches of Latin America, climbed the sandy mountains of Arabian deserts, and dined in European bistros. Let’s just say that they’ve adopted the ” been there done that approach” when it comes to travel, and I’ve vicariously lived through them, making mental notes of their global adventures hoping to one day share similar experiences with my littles.

I did question them on their ability to travel the world to which my younger brother answered: airbnb. I’m sure the bulk of you are familiar with the site, which enables you to rent someone’s room, or an entire home for half the cost of a hotel, which in turn enables you to allocate more money to your travel destination.

My husband I recently took a trip to the Big Apple and used airbnb for the very first time and our experience was so good, we can’t wait to head back to Brooklyn, where we were graciously hosted by Carsten and Joni.

In true blogger fashion, I documented the experience for you… It was stellar! View a few of my pics below!

loved the floors! I want these floors in our house… I may just get them!

unique charm

my very pensive bae

The pros are too many to list, if I were to mention every single one of themwe’d be here a few days! Take my word for it,  if ever visiting Brooklyn, and searching for a place to lay your head be sure to check the “Brooklyn Life” apartment, you will not be disappointed!

I’ll be sharing some of the thing you should do while in Bed-Stuy, BK, make sure to come back and read!

Until next time!


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