crop top


My first encounter with a crop top dates back to the summer of ’01!

Summer was coming to an end and I was “running thru the 6ix with my woes” celebrating Carribana; a festival which celebrates Caribbean culture held in Toronto every summer.

Back then, wearing crop tops was simple! I bought them, hid them in my closet and wore them out of town where my strict African parents and brothers wouldn’t see me (true story) LOL!

Hiding stretch marks, a baby pouch and my stubborn linea nigra were the least of my concerns. Matter of fact, back then every shirt easily became a crop top, just fold it up and voila, midriff exposed; ahhhhh to be young and carefree!

As I get older and my mid section is no longer home to those washboard abs I once had… Ugh, who am I kidding! Let’s be real I never had washboard abs, but a girl can dream right?! Ha!

Listen, I may no longer be in my early twenties, but my love for those mini shirts is still very present and to help you ladies rock these little tops in an age appropriate manner, allow me to share three simple tips!


1. keep it classy

I always try to pair my tops with a high waist bottom to show just a sliver of skin, I also try to keep my skirts midi or floor length. As for pants, try a high waist wide leg or  a skinny jean with a boxy crop top ( not tight).


2. have fun with it

Go for bold prints and bright colors! The louder the better!


3. be confident

Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do or wear something, whatever your size or age, be sure to rock your look with confidence! My body is in no way perfect and its changed over the years, but I love it the way it is and you should love yours too.

Make sure to check out my wear | le crop board on Pinterest and feel free to pin my look when you create your own board!

Stay tuned on how you can buy similar looks in my “milk n honee” shop later this week.

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Until next time

sn: shout out to my hubby for picking out this outfit, I was shocked and pleased at the same dang time!