We’ve had a few rainy days here in Chicago and we finally got to enjoy some much deserved sun over the weekend. I also got to enjoy a few hours away from my little tribe to indulge in some “moi” time with my fabulous girlfriend at the Mario Tricoci Spa*.Jada, masseuse extraordinaire massaged my mother of two fatigue away, I could’ve easily laid on that table and additional 45minutes, it was wonderful.

I also did a bit of shopping where I picked up a tiny dashiki for Miss Riah!

African fabrics hold a special place in my heart and I couldn’t wait to get home to show N what I got her. Of course the minute I walked through the door and proudly pulled the top out of my bag her enthusiasm wasn’t as heightened as mine. She smiled, said it was “so pretty mommy” and then asked me to take her to the playground ha!

I took her to the playground, little did she know, while she played I planned… a twinning post.


I’ve rocked my dashiki several times, probably one of my favorite pieces to wear in the summer,  it’s quick, easy and very forgiving ( post baby body).

I’m wearing mine with flat sandals and cut off shorts while, Riah wears hers with denim shorts (can’t seethem but they’re there) and her faithful sparkly sandals.

Her dashiki is a little on the bigger side, I’ve been buying things a little on the larger then her actual size because this little girl is worst than weeds, she grows overnight.

So here we are in all our dashiki glory.



dash2happiness is Oreo cookies … lemon Oreo cookies! (that smile lol)




If you’re a mama in need of “me” time, may I recommend Swedish massage at the Mario Tricoci (900 North Michigan Location in Chicago). Make sure to ask for Jada!


One tap on IG will give you our outfit details – our handle is @milknhonee

Until next time!


    • Charlotte

      June 30, 2015 at 7:05 am

      Thank you Adiswa!

      It took a while for me to find what worked for Neriah and I don’t know that I’ve figured it out just yet LOL – I use the Shea Moisture line for kids, I wash her hair every tow weeks and co-wash. She’s got very thick hair, so when it’s not done her little fro needs lots of moisture because it dries quickly! If you’ve got tips I’m all ears :)
      thanks for stopping by xo