And we’re back!

We never really left, just took some much needed “time off” to rest and enjoy some time as a new family of four. And by enjoying I mean, sleepless nights because I’m convinced that Micah is an owl and “supa dupa” early mornings thanks to Neriah who refuses to sleep past 6am, although 5 am has been her new thing. I’m seriously going to have to invest in some good black out curtains because baby girl needs to sleep in until at least 8am!


We’re back with our very first mommy and me post in weeks and I will say that it felt good to get out of my moo-moo dresses which I’ve been wearing religiously since giving birth to Micah. Those things are so darn comfortable, but because I cant walk around in moo-moos forever I’ve decided to throw on something that feels just as comfortable;a flowy jersey dress.

As I work on my “girl you betta get yo body back”  mission, you will see me rock many “forgiving” outfits! I’ve never been one to gravitate towards skin tight clothes, so wearing loose fitting looks won’t be out of the norm. There are so many available options for post partum style and I will share some of my go-to choices throughout the summer or until my mission is complete, however long that takes LOL.

Since today’s Monday, I decided to have Riah tag along in true mommy and me fashion-

Today, we rock black with hints of silver and white.

black2this kid will have you laughing for days, I mean look at that face.





One tap on our IG feed (@milknhonee) for outfit details

Two taps because Neriah’s smile makes you smile!

More details on Riah’s dope headband in our next post!


Until next time!