the beach


There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to be on the beach right now. I vicariously lived trough my friend’s snapchat feed last night as she enjoyed palm trees, warm sand and the beautiful beaches of Florida.

I on the other hand was staring at the weather app. on my phone with hopes that this week’s forecast would bring sun and warmth, a much needed relief from this past weekend’s rain, but instead I was greeted with highs in the 60’s, mid 70’s and lots of rain.

Although the weather may not be exactly where I would like it to be, I’m hopeful that the tides will turn with the official start of summer only weeks away. And when they do, I will be ready thanks to the four beach essentials pictured above!

here they are!


– a good straw hat –

got mine a few years ago and believe it or not it’s a man’s hat! I always have such a hard time finding one that fits my big head ( I have a big brain y’all) – this one I found at one of the local malls in my area and it’s become my summer staple.

– cool shades –

depending on how long you’ve been reading the blog, you know that I have a love for shades. Show me where I can get a good pair of stylish sunnies and we will be friends for life. I love the retro-chic look offered by these ray-bans. Simple yet edgy!

– good tunes –

you’re on the beach and you’re there for one purpose;  to relax ( at least I am) so fill up your iPod with your favorite tunes or better yet, make a playlist on spotify of your favorite artists and let the beat take you away!


– a good swimsuit –

you need a good swimsuit if you’re going to head to the beach, I love the modesty of a one piece specifically Garnet Hill’s asymmetrical ruffle front (one piece). I have an a appreciation for simple detail and the ruffle front had me at hello. This one piece also has sun protection (UPF 50) woven into the suit! I mean it doesn’t get any better.


Four very basic yet essential needs for a summer day spent at the beach. Of course there’s beach bag essentials, but I will save those for another post.

What are some of your summer essentials? Leave them below or tag them with the hashtag #GHSummerStyle on your social media handles!

Until next time!

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