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aliyah1 (4)name: Aliyah Muhammad // location: Atlanta Georgia // mother of 3// flight attendant by day // co-owner of ClosetPIECE – (online fashion + lifestyle destination dedicated to the BossMom.)

This fly mom is redefining motherhood with her sense of style and go getter attitude!

Her “go-getter” spirit should be an inspiration to all, as should her sense of style!

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your thoughts on women redefining motherhood

I’m all for the modern mommy, a Boss Mom is what I call her She’s real and attached to life as much as she is to her children. That’s important. She is raising a generation of free thinkers and creative souls.She does the best she can do and that is the ultimate goal in motherhood. This new age woman keeps up with herself. She’s a woman of substance.

what she wasn’t prepared for the moment she became a mother

Lack of sleep and unconditional love.


motherhood has changed me in…

the sense that I am more of a realist. I am no longer naive to certain things. I am careful in what I teach my children or what I accept as truths myself. I am more conscious of how I spend my time and my dollar.

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the one thing you want every woman to know when it comes to motherhood

Raising a child is an opportunity. When done with love and a sincere heart nothing is wrong. Do not overwhelm yourself with “by-the-book” guidelines. Use your children as tools to expand who you are as a person. Let them explore the world and you follow! Their minds are so fresh, you’ll find amazement in the opportunity to nurture them.

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photo cred: Aliyah