rattlesandheelsname:  Adanna / location: NYC by way of Grenada / mom of 2 / creator of Rattles and Heels.


Natural hair connoisseur, vlogger, DIY queen and one of my favorite mommy bloggers. What’s not to love about Adanna? NOTHING.

She inspires and genuinely wants to see other mama’s do well with her encouraging words! I’ve been following her blog for quite some time and it is honestly the one stop shop for pretty much everything!

Today she shares a little more of herself and how she tackles this journey we call motherhood!

Keep reading and you too will fall in love with this island beauty!


the significance of motherhood:

to me, motherhood signifies the deepest love and the strongest bond. It’s love in it rawest form. I never imagine loving someone the way I love my two children. I remember my fears of not loving my second child as much as my first when I was pregnant but the minute I saw him we connected. I will never stop loving my children, the bond that we’ve formed in the short time that they’ve been in my life will be forever.


the best advice given to you by your mother on raising a family:

My mom and I are very close! She always supports me and she loves my kids as if they were her own. The best advice I’ve received from her is to build my children’s self-esteem from birth. I think this made a major impact on my parenting style because she did the same thing with me. She always told me that she loved me and that I was beautiful in my own way. When I went to school and children would make fun of my big eyes, it wouldn’t bother me because I knew I was beautiful because my mother had already told me. I’ve learned more from her by her actions than her words. I let both of my kids know that they are beautiful, and that beauty shines from within. I let them know that everyone is beautiful in their own way. I don’t want them to be snotty but I want them to be confident and compassionate.


fears you had when expecting your first child:

I was fearful that I was too selfish to be a good mom. I am an only child,I’m used to not thinking about anyone but myself. I’m a loner and I didn’t want who I was to impact the type of mother I would be.

how motherhood has changed you:

being a mother has changed me in many ways. For one, I’ve become selfless. I put my children first. Seeing their little happy faces makes it all worth it to me. I’ve also become bold and courageous. I want them to see mommy soar, I want to be that example for them;  that they are powerful and can accomplish anything that they put their mind to. They are my inspiration to create a legacy and something that they and their children can be proud of.

the most important piece of advice you can give to new moms

Be easy on yourself! This is your biggest job yet the only one you will have no training for. Go with your gut! Do what feels right for you and your baby. Motherhood is going to change you, don’t fight it embrace it. You don’t have to lose yourself, you will find a new better self instead.

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