name: Ebony Ugo// location: Jersey City NJ //  freelance stylist asst./photography,blogging,writing,singing/ mom of 4
 I can’t remember exactly how I came across Ebony, but I’m glad I did! This hip mom of 4, (yes 4 and looks ah-ma-zing) has some of the coolest kids I’ve ever seen. Mama to three handsome boys and one beautiful girl, below she shares wisdom on motherhood and the importance of self preservation.
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thoughts on motherhood:
Motherhood is great responsibility, constantly challenging, fulfilling, a balancing act, overwhelming at times, fun, a big part of my life!
on things she would like for her children to contribute to society as a result of her being their mom :
 be kind, exert concern, compassion and understanding even towards strangers, work hard at whatever their passion is and always find a way to give back make it a habit
on things she’s learned from being a mother:
patience which is a constant work in progress for me lol, learning and being aware of their individual needs, putting myself in their place and remembering that I was once their age, the importance of exposing them to as many things as possible from an early age, the benefits of breastfeeding(they rarely get sick), finding the balance of being their mom & friend that they can confide in and always trust, boys and girls are way different lol, Montessori rocks for the right kid and knowing how to be an advocate for your child accepting that every kid doesn’t learn the same
on how motherhood has changed her:
I’ve always been pretty reserved somewhat shy but I feel like motherhood has made me more of an assertive person and helped me to shed apprehensiveness
advice for first time moms
Everyone and their mama will give you advice, but you will learn that a large part of the time you figure things out on your own terms through trial and error, implementing whatever works for YOU! If you don’t have one, work on forming a strong support system it will make the journey more enjoyable. Lastly don’t forget about YOU, you existed before baby and you will after. It’s imperative to create time for yourself every day that way there is a smaller chance of losing yourself in this new monumental journey you are embarking on, motherhood! Self preservation is key :)
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photo cred: Ebony


  • Kimi

    May 5, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    I absolutely adore these photos – she has a lovely family and the words of wisdom ring true to me as a new mom. I’m always happy to see families looking happy and functional. This is awesome!

    Plus she does NOT look like a mom of four – keep it up!

    • Charlotte

      May 5, 2015 at 3:00 pm

      I still can’t believe that Ebony has 4 kids, she looks like she could be their sister! But yes, she shared some very wise words! Congrats on becoming a mom! Nothing compares to it!
      Thanks for stopping by Kimi, don’t be a stranger :)