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tahsin1name: tahsin, location: Toronto (maple, a suburb just outside Toronto) | mom to 2 babes, daaniya 3.5 and niyya almost 2

Every year since milk n honee’s inception, I’ve made it my duty to feature some of the coolest moms as part of what I like to call MNH’s mommy week.

The week leading up to mother’s day is solely reserved for you to meet some of the fab ladies I like to think of as so “wonderfully awesome” they should be shared with the world!

This year the choices were kind of hard and easy at the same time if that makes any sense. Hard, because so many to choose from and easy thanks to social media,  specifically Instagram! Other than my friends, I’ve made the choice to fill my timeline with people who inspire me, and the ladies you will meet this week do not fall short of being inspiring.

Unlike my past features which mostly concentrated on mommy style, this year I’m taking a different approach. As much as I love how stylish these ladies are, underneath it all lies an inexplicable strength, love and passion when it comes to the God given gifts we call our children, and this week we will be tapping on their perspective on motherhood!


Today we kick the week off with Tahsin, a Toronto based mama of two who possesses a raw talent for photography and in my opinion should get an award for wordsmith -ism if such thing existed! She’s smooth with the captions y’all and  I love everything she represents as a woman, mother and business owner.

Shall we proceed?

Yes indeed!

tahsin the good kids mess

below she shares her thoughts on…


motherhood has given purpose to my life. it’s not the be all and end all of me, we are all dynamic beings with a variety of roles, talents and interest, but being a mom to my two girls is sure footing and a role I will cherish always. motherhood has given me a wisdom and emotional capactity i’d otherwise never know. 

tahsin the good shoes

on things you would like for your daughters to contribute to society as a result of you being their mom:
i would like my daughters to be kind. to their environment, to others and most importantly to themselves. 


on things she’s  learned from her own mother that she wishes to pass on to her children:

I’ve learned that we all deserve love. but giving it selflessly, unconditionally and fully is the best way to feel it in return. no expectations, just love. full stop. 

on how motherhood has changed her: 

i now have this huge responsibility. when it was just me, i could really do (or not do) whatever i wanted. i was able to make my mistakes and learn without worry that someone is watching and soaking it all up. learning from me. now i am so much more aware of my actions and intentions. at least i try to be. for them. every moment has the potential to be a teachable moment, i think. and i am not saying that i don’t make mistakes. i do, all the time. and I lose it. more often than I’d like to. but these are my kids and i want to be their model. so i work hard at doing the best i can for them.

it is also giving me the chance to experience that wild, curious discovery and innate beauty that is unique to children, that we have lost but by bit along the way. it’s a gift everyday. 


tahsin the good kids

on advice for new moms: 

being a new mom is a big challenge, but such a special gift. there is so much learning to do in those first few days, months and years. one thing i tried to keep in mind during the rough nights or crying bouts was that millions of women through the ages did this. and survived. and you will too.

the days are long but the years are short.  time passes by so quickly in the grand scheme of things, so don’t sweat the small stuff when you’ree in the thick of it. those moments will pass and not abiding by a bedtime or skipping dinner for ice cream every now and then is not going to ruin anyone.

google can be your friend and foe. i loved googling every situation that crept up on me when it came to the first few months of my firstborns’ life. i felt comfort in knowing that someone else experienced similar things. but i found that at times i got stuck on forums and made bigger deals of things that didn’t really need that kind of energy. so excercise with caution

trust your gut. early on i followed the guidance of one or two baby books and close family members, but at the end of the day you are the one who makes the call. you have to do what feels right, what works for you and be comfortable in your call.take care of yourself. you cannot be the best mom that is in you to be if you have not taken the time to heal physically, mentally and emotionally. get yourself right. this is an ongoing thing, new mom or not. we can only give out the best in ourselves if we are feeling good, happy, and balanced.its reciprocity. we can only give so much without taking a little bit for oureves. dress up, go out, relax. do what it takes for you.


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photo cred. – tahsin