spring dresses


I mustered up enough energy to get out of the house over the weekend and it felt nice to be out and about with my favorite girl. Mamas to be in their final month of pregnancy know the struggles that come with it all.

I’m officially on maternity leave, and I will say that I am enjoying the impromptu afternoon naps and prepping for baby girl’s arrival. Apart from actually doing work, maternity leave doesn’t feel too different because my work environment hasn’t; changed, I work from home and … I’m still home! I do get bored, especially on days when Neriah is at school and hubby at work.

I won’t complain though, I’m sure I will find plenty to do in the coming days to keep myself entertained, for instance I took a little trip to my neighborhood nail spa and treated myself to a much deserved and might I add needed pedicure last week!


Speaking of week, Riah and I haven’t had a mommy and me Monday post in a while and I’m excited to be twinning with her today!

Because spring is in full swing, we’re bringing you spring dress realness paired with  metallic grays and a whole lot of pattern mixing for the little one!


dg2more belly than booty ha! in case you were wondering what I was doing, I was enjoying the breeze and Riah was enjoying her frozen treat.

dg3then a car blaring music drove by, so we danced… do I look crazy? Sure! Sanity is overrated ;)

dg4can I have some of that mango popsicle?

dg5she didn’t share y’all! Riah loves her fruit popsicles!



dg8a whole lot of pattern mixing going for Riah… The key to nailing mixing patterns is to mix with similar colors. for instance the yellow trim on her shoes can also be found in her dress, her shoes also match her jacket annnnnd the silver polka dots compliment the grayish tone in her dress! pretty simple!

dg11my gone with the wind fabulous, soon-to -be big sis, mango popsicle loving, teachable three tantrum having toddler! I love her so!

outfit details on our IG feed ( @milknhonee) one tap for deets, two taps because you like my dance moves!

Until next time!