lush beauty

lush beauty

they’ve recently opened a Lush store in my area and I’ve never been happier!

I’ve always been infatuated by their products, love the service at their stores annnnnnnd the fact that all of their products are natural!

Up until recently I was using Aveeno and they’ve done my skin good, but it’s good to switch it up once in a while! My skin is extremely sensitive and I’ve struggled with acne in my teen years and still do from time to time. With my pregnancy coming to an end, the glow accompanied by preggo hormones will be gone too and in effort to maintain somewhat flawless skin, and by flawless I mean pimple free, I’m finally giving Lush products a try.

I’m all about purchasing beauty products that contain natural ingredients, especially those that promote healthier skin.

I’m also all about keeping my beauty routine simple!

The quicker the better! I’ve only been using the soap and facial moisturizer for a few days now and although this may be a little bit of a premature review, I am one happy girl!

lush fresh farmacy cleanser

lush2vanishing cream facial moisturizer

vanishing my batch was made by Corey… Hey Coreyyyyyyyy!

Shout out to the ladies at Lush (Orland Mall) they were fab!

Until next time!