up close and personal

tulips15/52 macro

I enjoy doing things for my little family, you know the simple things… running errands, grocery shopping and all that good stuff.

But lately, ugh… lately the simplest of things, like going to Target, which I love doing have become tiresome.

My husband has taken over a lot of the things I usually do during these last few weeks of pregnancy and I’m so very ‘grateful. He works in IT for an internationally known firm and that requires a lot of his time and energy, so in an effort to have him enjoy his weekends, we’ve made some sweet changes so that we can maximize our days off as a family without having to think about running to and fro.

Last week I utilized an online grocery ordering service for the first time, which I loved, and also ordered the tulips pictured above. Although they’re on their last leg, I managed to capture a close look of one of the petals.


this week #ourproject52 prompt is “macro” which is synonymous with close… real close!

I don’t know that I was able to capture the one petal I was looking at, but it seems to be close enough LOL! This 52 project has definitely been a learning experience in terms of photography and I am enjoying it thoroughly!

tulips non macro pic, this one is just for fun.

make sure to check out the other ladies participating by checking out the #ourproject52 hashtag on IG! Some great photos await you!

Until next time.


  • LaShawn

    May 6, 2015 at 8:36 am

    Im so glad you are enjoying learning new things with Our project 52! Slowing down towards the end of your pregnancy is expected! I hope everything is going well!

    • Charlotte

      May 6, 2015 at 10:27 am

      Hey Lashawn, I’m really loving the tips! I’m kind of bummed that I’m missing so many weeks :( hopefully once baby comes I can jump right in! Thanks for your well wishes they are appreciated!