homejoy – #morespring

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If you’re a mom to small children, you already know the struggle that comes with maintaining a clean home.

If you’re a working mom, then you need to double the above mentioned.

If you’re a working mom, to small children and you’re pregnant, then you may need to quadruple the above mentioned statement.

I happen to be a pregnant working mom to a toddler, and I’m in full fledge nesting mode.

If you know me personally, you know that I like my home clean, but this pregnancy isn’t really allowing me to do that. This last trimester has been kicking my behind and because of that, I haven’t been great at cleaning the way I usually do.

My husband is pretty good at helping out, but husbands don’t clean like wives do ;)

Just as I was getting ready to enlist some much needed help, the Good Lord heard my cry and sent over the Homejoy angels!


I recently partnered wit the good folks at Homejoy for their #morespring campaign and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Last week was an extremely busy one at the Bett’s home and the thought of having to clean on top of everything else was one that I couldn’t fathom.

Our condo is average size,  so there weren’t numerous rooms to clean and endless floors to wash, but it still needed in depth cleaning, and deep cleaning is almost impossible, when you have little feet constantly running behind you, basically destroying the work you’ve just done by attempting to help ( God bless their little hearts for wanting to help).

This was my first time booking a cleaning service and it certainly won’t be the last. I made sure I booked an appointment on a day where Riah would be at daycare so that she wouldn’t be in their way.

My cleaning professional was punctual, and came ready to attack the mess that was awaiting him.

He tackled the kitchen first, then the stove, followed by our family room, bathroom then bedrooms. I was able to continue working while he cleaned my office/bedroom.

The condo smelled divine and looked heavenly!

The bathroom sparkled, and my bath tub ohhh my bath tub! It’s hard to clean because it’s so deep. It was cleaned beyond my expectations.

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Booking my cleaning service was simple and took less than 5 minutes. But most importantly, I was able to sit back, relax and get some work done!

I’ve always been skeptical about hiring a cleaning professional, but now that I’ve experienced the goodness that is Homejoy, I’m a customer for life.

I want you to experience the convenience, professionalism, peace of mind and freedom that comes with having a Homejoy cleaning professional come to your home, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Make sure to take advantage by using the  www.homejoy.com/milknhonee code to receive a discount. This code is only valid for two weeks from today so make sure to book book book!

Here’s to #morespring and less cleaning, now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go schedule my next appointment!

Until next time!


*this post was sponsored by Homejoy